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Australian Microbeam Analysis Society


AMAS X - The Tenth Biennial Symposium

University of Adelaide, South Australia, 11th - 13th February 2009
Workshops on the 9th, 10th and 14th of February

AMAS is a special interest group of the
Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (AMMS Inc.)
ABN 92 914 631 038

About AMAS X


Following the past successes of AMAS meetings, we invite you to Adelaide for the tenth AMAS symposium. The meeting will be held at the University of Adelaide, in Adelaide City.


The aim of the Symposium is to provide a forum where participants can discuss microanalysis and imaging, with emphasis on practical solutions and applications.


We strongly encourage you to present recent work using scanning or transmission electron microscopy and microanalysis. The success of the meeting is entirely dependant on the quality (and quantity) of presentations.

Oral presentations

It is anticipated that all contributions will be in the form of oral presentations.


A series of workshops prior to the symposium have been arranged to review and discuss the state of the art in analytical microscopy and microanalysis.

Invited Speakers

Raynald Gauvin
McGill University, Canada

Nestor Zaluzec
Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A.

Paul Kotula
Sandia National Laboratories, U.S.A.

Ed Vicenzi
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, U.S.A.

Paul Carpenter
Washington University in St. Louis, U.S.A.

Bob Anderhalt
EDAX, Mahwah, NJ, U.S.A.

Masaru Takakura
JEOL, Akishima, Tokyo, Japan.