A global pandemic forced the cancellation of the traditional AMAS symposia in 2021. In lieu of an in-person symposia, AMAS is hosting a bimonthly seminar series throughout the year from invited speakers on topics of interest. Each seminar will consist of an exciting research talk, followed by a 10 min ‘how to’ talk from a technique expert.

Online Seminar Series

11th August 2021
Characterizing minor secondary phases in microstructures in metallurgical alloys, Håkon Wiik Ånes
9th June 2021
High-definition geochemical imaging of large samples using the Maia Mapper µ-XRF instrument
14th Apr 2021
Trace elements analysis by EPMA and How to perform standards-based quantitative EDS in an SEM
25th Feb 2021
Improving the XEDS MMF detectability limits in the AEM, Nestor Zaluzec


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