And the winner’s are……..

7th March 2017

LMA is delighted to be working with Optiscan who have agreed to a 3 year sponsorship for our micrograph competition. The first competition was held in conjunction with the LMA National Meeting in Melbourne.

First Place

Alex Fulcher, Monash University

Title: Intervertebral disc integration with the vertebral body end plate.

Description: This image was acquired using the Abrio birefringence microscope. It demonstrates the structure of the lumbar intervertebral disc and it’s integration with the vertebral body end plate. The alternating colours represent the interlace of lamellae with collagen fibres traveling in different directions.   The intervertebral disc is vital to the mobility, stability and shock absorption of the spine. The aim of this project is to study degenerative disc disease and the action of stem cells to potentially mitigate this process.

Second Place

Michael Lovelace, University of Sydney

Title: Neural spiderwebs- unlocking secrets of laser irradiation for pain therapy.

Description: Laser therapy is currently used to treat chronic pain in patients worldwide. This study aimed to unravel the cellular mechanisms involved in the response of neurons to laser irradiation. This image depicts a monolayer of cultured dorsal root ganglion neurons (DRGs), Schwann and satellite cells, used as a model in this study, and imaged by Zeiss META confocal. Di-8-ANEPPS dye labelled cell membranes, allowing visualization of fine processes extending between DRGs, while separate investigation into mitochondrial membrane potential was performed. Collectively, these experiments allowed us to broaden our understanding of the cellular mechanisms involved in pain relief through laser therapy.



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