Phenom Desktop SEM Showcase

Date(s) 16-17 November 2017
Venue Western Sydney University, Parramatta South Campus, Room EHA G49

This showcase will present the latest Phenom Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) series and new accessories. Both new and existing users are invited to enjoy the demonstrations followed by additional “hands on” time for sample analysis.


  • Phenom ProX Gen 5 – The latest desktop SEM with enhanced imaging performance (up to 150,000x magnification and <8nm resolution), plus fully integrated x-ray analysis (EDS), fastest time to imaging (<30sec) and “never lost” navigation.
  • Phenom XL SEM – Superfast and easy to use and provides high resolution imaging with elemental analysis of large samples up to 100mm x 100mm.
  • Phenom GSR SEM – Automated Gun Shot Residue analysis & fully integrated elemental (EDS) detection.


  • Eucentric Sample Holder – Unique option for quickly and safely tilting and rotating samples while imaging.
  • Tensile Sample Holder – Examine how materials will react when they are pulled apart or pushed together.
  • Filter holder/ Resin mount holder – For multiple sample analysis.

Click here to register. Registrations close on 14th November 2017.

For further information call 02 9541 3500 or email.




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