The AMAS 2021 Online Seminar Series: X-ray Based Methods

Date(s) 9-9 June 2021

The AMAS 2021 Online Seminar Series
A global pandemic forced the cancellation of the traditional AMAS symposia in 2021. In lieu of an in-person symposia, AMAS is hosting a bimonthly seminar series throughout the year from invited speakers on topics of interest.

June Seminar
Date: Wednesday the 9th June 2021
Time: 12 pm AEST / 10 am AWST / 11:30 am ACST
Zoom details:

Research talk
Title: High-definition geochemical imaging of large samples using the Maia Mapper µ-XRF instrument
Presenter: Dr Mark Pearce, CSIRO

Mineral exploration is concerned with understanding spatial heterogeneities in the Earth’s crust and using this understanding to narrow search spaces progressively and ultimately discover a mineral deposit. A key link in the scale ‘chain’ is integration of conventional microanalysis into drill-core to mine-scale datasets. Maia Mapper is a new µ-XRF instrument that uses the Maia array detector, developed for synchrotron XRF applications, to image major and trace element chemistry in decimetre-scale samples with 30 µm resolution. This presentation will describe the coupling of Maia with the Excillum MetalJet D2+ X-ray source to create the Maia Mapper and showcase some of the geological applications of these new, large-scale, high-definition datasets.

‘How to’ talk
Title: Developing X-ray based methods for real time analysis during mineral processing
Presenter: Dr Brianna Ganly, CSIRO

The X-ray technology group within CSIRO Mineral Resources develops unique XRF solutions for measuring the elemental content of ore. In this presentation we will discuss two recent XRF technology developments from our group. We have made new advances in the online measuring of gold in mineral slurries at subppm concentrations using X-ray focusing optics to effectively zoom into the gold region of the XRF spectrum for lower detection limits. Another recent development is using high resolution XRF for chemical state analysis by analysing the valence to core electron transitions of various compounds within the XRF spectrum for obtaining information about redox reactions in lithium ion batteries.



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