The Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (AMMS) promotes all aspects of microscopy in Australia and provides a professional support network for its members.

The AMMS is committed to achieving gender equity both for the main society and its special interest groups (SIGs). It will seek to ensure that there is an equal representation of men and women in executive positions in the AMMS/SIGs and as speakers and session chairs at all National conferences/symposia and that no discrimination is made based on, including but not limited to, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age or sexual orientation. This will provide opportunities for emerging research leaders and increases the diversity of role models for symposium attendees.

As the themes of future National Conferences/Symposia have to adapt to new and emerging research fields, so too must our approach to gender equity and inclusion. The AMMS/SIGs National Conference/Symposia organizing committees will strive to ensure there is an equal representation as committee members, speakers and session chairs.

The approaches described below address each of these key factors, and will ensure that AMMS is proactive in ensuring gender equity at symposia.


This policy seeks:

To achieve equal representation of males and females as speakers and session chairs at all AMMS conferences/symposia and associated workshops or other symposia financially supported or promoted by AMMS and its special interest groups.

Scope and exclusions


This policy applies to all AMMS National Conferences/Symposia, awards or events supported by AMMS.


  1. Initial information for organising committee

When planning begins for a new symposium, the organising committee will be made aware of this policy via the AMMS/SIG Secretary. This policy will also be widely communicated amongst the AMMS executive committee and state representatives, to ensure high levels of awareness. One of the role of the conference chair is to ensure this policy is implemented to the best it ability. One possibility for the conference chair is to nominate a committee member from a local institution’s Gender Equity Committee, or equivalent, to provide guidance and help to achieve the goal of this policy.

  1. Included information when requesting nomination and self-nomination

When calling for self-nominations, the organising committee should include a statement to the following effect: ‘Please remember women tend to self-nominate less frequently than men so every effort should be made to counter this tendency to ensure gender equity.’

And In case of nomination, ‘We strongly encourage you to consider gender equity in your nominations as, we are committed to selecting an equal number of male and female nominees as speakers and chairs.’

  1. Selection of speakers from nominees and invitation of speakers

If a preponderance of men is nominated every possible effort should be made to find appropriate female speakers at the same level of expertise to ensure gender equity in the final list of speakers and session chairs.

  1. Event evaluation

A formal evaluation of event participants should be undertaken and question included regarding this policy, such as: ‘The AMMS/SIG is committed to ensuring gender equity among speakers and chairs. Was this commitment adequately demonstrated at this event? Did it have an impact on you as a participant?”

  1. Monitoring

The AMMS/SIGs Executive Committees will monitor the outcomes achieved and will provide a report at the AMMS/SIGs AGM.



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