Transmission Electron Microscopy Manager, Sydney Microscopy & Microanalysis, University of Sydney

A position has become available to manage the Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) research laboratory facilities for the work area, whilst coordinating the operations and staff of the laboratory facilities. The University is expanding its TEM capabilities with a new aberration-corrected TEM being installed in September 2017 in purpose built laboratories in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub. The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the laboratory facilities meet the needs of the work area and aligned to the Portfolio’s research objectives. Being a Manager, you will be responsible for implementing measures to minimize excess costs associated with running the laboratory facilities whilst ensuring that facilities provide high quality, professional laboratory services to meet the research needs of the work area.

The Transmission Electron Microscopy Manager will manage and co-ordinate the various transmission electron microscopy laboratories across a number of locations to ensure these sophisticated research facilities provide effective outcomes for users. This position represents an opportunity to work with an outstanding team in one of the most exciting microscopy laboratories in the world.

For more information, please refer to the link here.

Closing date: 31 August 2017


Surface Science Technician, Scitek Australia

Scitek offers a new and interesting opportunity as a ‘Surface Science Service Technician’ to be based out of our Heatherton Melbourne office. The position will be heavily focused around the Gatan product range of SEM and TEM solutions, but will also cover general surface science technology suite.

For more information, please refer to the link here.


Electron Microscopist (Cryo TEM), Bio21

The Facility currently house Tecnai F30 cryo TEM as well as a high resolution Tecnai F20, a dual beam Nova Nanolab and Quanta ESEM and a Teneo VolumeScope. In July 2017 the platform will take delivery of two new TEMs, a Talos Arctica 200kV with autoloader and director detector for structural biology applications and a Talos L120C for sample screening.

As responsible for the cryo-TEM platform you will answer to the manager of the AMF. You will be responsible for providing scientific advice relevant to the facility, liaison with users to determine their requirement, liaise with the other electron microscopy capabilities relevant to cryoEM. You will be responsible, in consultation with the manager of the AMF, for ensuring the efficient use of the resources under your responsibility and identifying future capability requirements. You will also be encouraged to engage in research development activities in cryo-TEM in collaboration with academic and/or industry scientists. The opportunity to pursue funding from external sources to support your own research and development activities may be negotiated.

For more information, please refer to the link here.

Closing date: 3 September 2017


Technical Officer (Microprobe), ANU

The Centre for Advanced Microscopy at the ANU is seeking to appoint a Microprobe Engineer (Technical Officer) with extensive experience in the use of electronprobe microanalysers (EPMAs). The primary focus of this position is the operation of the JEOL JXA8503F Field Emission gun electronprobe microanalyser. The successful applicant is expected to provide user training, equipment management and maintenance in order to support research of users from a wide range of disciplines. She/he must have extensive knowledge of electron microprobe analysis methods and related techniques as well as a willingness to develop a range of new analytical methods made possible by a field emission instrument.

For more information, please refer to the link here.

Closing date: 31 August 2017


Associate Director & Snr Research Associate/Fellow (Cryo-Transmission), UNSW

Two new positions are available at the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre and Electron Microscope Unit (EMU).

Associate Director Electron Microscopy #58234

You will take a leading role in further developing the Electron Microscope Unit including:

  • Assist with the strategic planning for the future of the facility
  • High-level researcher support and training, supervision and mentoring of other facility staff
  • An independent research portfolio in electron microscopy will be an important component of the job and as such the position will have a cross-appointment to a relevant school/faculty of UNSW.
  • Ongoing position

Snr Research Associate/Snr Research Fellow, Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy #58477

The purchase, in partnership with the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, of an advanced Cryo-transmission electron microscope has created this opportunity. Responsibilities include:

  • Expertise in the use of cryo-transmission electron microscopy
  • Provide advice, design and perform research experiments in collaboration with research groups across the University.
  • Contribute to the development of new electron microscopy applications for research as a member of interdisciplinary collaborations
  • 3 year fixed-term contract

For more information, please refer to the link here.

Closing date: 14 August 2017





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