Research Fellow (CryoTEM) – The University of Western Australia

A brand new cryoTEM facility is being established at the WA Node of Microscopy Australia at The University Western Australia – the first of its kind in Western Australia. As an expert in TEM with experience in cryoTEM and its applications, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of this new facility.

Under broad direction, you will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of two new JEOL F200 TEMs, including providing academic advice, user training, and support across sample preparation, instrument operation, data acquisition and analysis, and general maintenance of the new facility. You will support a broad and diverse user community of biological and physical scientists to develop and apply imaging and diffraction techniques, including routine room temperature and cryo imaging, single particle analysis, tomography, STEM and micro-electron diffraction.

This position will offer you an exciting opportunity to develop diverse new applications of cryoTEM and associated techniques within the WA research community, and to establish cryoTEM as a core capability within the State.

Please see here for full details.

Closing Date for Applications: 5th November 2020


Research Fellow (Multi-modal microscopy) – The University of Western Australia

The WA Node of Microscopy Australia in the Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis (CMCA) at The University of Western Australia has a Research Fellow position available for a researcher with skills in microscopy techniques and/or associated data processing methods who is looking for an exciting opportunity to develop novel multi-modal applications in a dynamic, interdisciplinary team environment.

You will, under broad direction, build collaborative research activities with users of the Microscopy Australia facilities at UWA that bridge multiple imaging and/or analytical modalities available within the node, e.g. combining optical and electron microscopy, SIMS and electron microscopy, etc. The position will have a particular emphasis on developing multi-modal projects that have one of the node’s key NCRIS-supported platforms (cryoEM or SIMS) at its core. You will work closely with expert staff supporting the individual platforms to identify opportunities and build collaborations making use of multiple platforms, leading to high impact outcomes that solve problems critical to WA researchers.

The wide range of microscopy capabilities available at UWA, together with the diverse interests of the research community, makes this an exciting opportunity to broaden your knowledge and develop new multi-modal applications in a dynamic, interdisciplinary environment.

Please see here for full details.

Closing Date for Applications: 5th November 2020


Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis Specialist – La Trobe University

The optical microscopist and image analysis specialist provides high level expert training and technical support in optical microscopy and image analysis for research groups across multiple disciplines to enable and accelerate their research. The role is responsible for managing the confocal and widefield microscopy capabilities of the Bioimaging Platform and will work closely with team members with expertise in electron microscopy and flow cytometry to oversee the platform’s operations. Advanced skills in fluorescence and transmitted light imaging of fixed and stained cells, tissue sections, 3D cultures, as well as time lapse imaging of live cell dynamics and the ability to work with a wide range of specimens from bacteria to fungi, plants and animal cells and tissues is critical.

Please see here for full details.

Closing Date for Applications: 25th October 2020



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