We are pleased to announce the winners of the LMA/VIA 2021 Image Competition.

This resulted in over 160 submissions across the si x categories Live Cell Imaging, Life Sciences, In Vivo Imaging, Materials Sciences, Super Resolution and Volume Imaging).

Each category awards a $400 first prize and a $200 second prize. We would like to thank the sponsors of each category, New Spec, Zeiss Australia, OptiScan , John Morris Group and Nikon Australia for their support of the competition.

Please follow the links below to see this years winners.

Live Cell Category Winners
Life Science Category Winners
Materials Science Category Winners
Super Resolution Category Winners
Volume Imaging Category Winners


Proudly Sponsored by Optiscan


Igor Bonacossa Pereira – UQ

The Network Head of a living C elegans with endogenous B spectrin tagged with GFP Each fibre is one neuron and here you can observe what a brain looked like some millions of years ago Taken on an Axio Observer Z 1 (Carl Zeiss) equipped with a CSU W 1 spinning disk head (Yokogawa Corporation)



Samuel Manning – Monash University

Armour Plated Fly Thorax of a live fruit fly pupa undergoing metamorphosis A nuclear localised GFP reporter indicates signalling pathway activity in epidermal cells across the thorax, revealing a striking symmetrical pattern The larger cells produce sensory hairs that cover the fly’s back, whilst the other cells produce the fly’s
exoskeleton Image is a maximum projection of a number of confocal slices, acquired using a Zeiss LSM 980 microscope



Dillon Jevon – Charles Perkins Centre

Capillary Contortions Depth coded volumetric rendering of capillaries within an islet of Langerhans 177 images were stacked and processed to create the render, which illustrates the twisting and contorting nature of capillaries within this fascinating micro organ Confocal images taken on a Leica SP 8 and processed using
Leica Application Suite X



Andrea Usseglio Gaudi – Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Around The Dark Hole This image was captured using an inverted confocal microscope It shows the mural cell ( and blood brain vasculature (response to traumatic brain injury, in a seven days post fertilisation zebrafish



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