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1ST PRIZE: Mohammed Jameel, The University of Melbourne

Organic Semiconductors Thermochromic Behaviour Change Under Hot-Stage Polarised Optical Microscopy. This video is taken by Mohammed Jameel (myself) as part of my research project looking at the phase transition behaviour/thermochromism under hot-stage polarised optical microscope (HS-POM) [Linkam hot stage, Nikon ECLIPSE Ci Polarising Microscope system, and Lumenera CCD] of BQR organic semiconducting material.


2ND PRIZE: Siyang Ding, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science

Lighting Up Latent Fingerprints by AIGen-Coded Silica. To a solution of AIEgen in ethyl acetate was added Biotage Sfär silica (spherical silica) 60 mm and was stirred for 5 min. The solvent was removed under reduced pressure and the resulting solid was lightly ground in an Agate mortar and pestle to form a fine homogeneous powder. Silica dye ratios 30:1. the coated silica was dusted on the fingerprints and excess was removed by tapping or stream of air. The developed fingerprints were imaged directly using Nikon ECLIPSE Ti Series fluorescence microscope (DAPI channel), giving clear fingerprint images with high contrast and good resolution.



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