We are pleased to announce the winners of the Light Microscopy Australia Image Competition in 2019. This year’s competitions was open to ALL optical microscopists based in Australia.

This resulted in over 100 submissions across the four categories available (Live Cell Imaging, Life Sciences, In Vivo Imaging, Materials Sciences). Each category will award a $400 first prize and a $200 second prize. We would like to thank the sponsors of each category, Optiscan, Zeiss Australia and Nikon for their support of the competition.


Live Cell Category Winners
Life Science Category Winners
In Vivo Category Winners



Proudly sponsored by Zeiss




1ST PRIZE: Yuan Gao, The University of Queensland

Protein membrane-enveloped oil droplets – This is an image captured by Nikon Eclipse fluorescence microscope, which shows ellipsoidal droplets with an oil core and with fluorescent dye DiI loading inside. The droplets were able to maintain a non-spherical shape and stay stabilized for a long time due to the customized interfacial protein membrane.

2ND PRIZE: Khatereh Edalati, The University of Melbourne

Full Moon Diamond – Taken by optical microscopy (Nikon digital camera) using background light. This is an image of a 2-mm polycrystalline diamond (PCD) disk which is brazed by Gold-ABA filler into the another PCD plate.

Commendation: Chao Shen, Macquarie University

Surface Corrosion of Steel – It’s a polished steel sample to show the surface corrosion. The image is acquired with Nikon SMZ18 and then coloured with Photoshop.

Commendation: Michael Anenburg, Australian National University

A nanogalaxy of silver palladium particles – Nikon Eclipse LV100POL. 100x objective + immersion oil. The major technical challenge was preparing the sample, requiring unique high temperature and pressure apparatus. Imaging was straightforward, but rewarding. The dots of light are nanoparticles of silver and palladium embedded in silicate glass. Colour changes with particle size. The crystals are either hematite or magnetite.



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