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Corporate Members

Advanced Microscopy Techniques (AMT) has devoted its design and manufacturing efforts toward the goal of providing excellence in digital camera imaging systems for the TEM.

ATA Scientific is a leading provider of sales, service and support for cutting-edge analytical instruments across Australia and New Zealand. We employ a collaborative approach, working closely with scientific researchers to propagate knowledge and disseminate best practice in label-free Live Cell Imaging techniques. A core part of the ATA Scientific imaging portfolio includes the innovative Phasefocus Livecyte. Leveraging Ptychography, Livecyte generates high contrast, label free images under low level illumination. This capability enables users to seamlessly monitor and analyse cell behaviour at the individual cell level within the broader context of entire cell populations, all within a more natural and realistic experimental setting. For more information or to book a demo of the Livecyte or any of our other advanced imaging systems, please contact us.


AXT is Australia’s leading supplier of high technology scientific equipment for sample preparation and analysis for academic and industrial applications.

As one of the world's leading analytical instrumentation companies, Bruker continues to develop innovative solutions for today's research questions.

From its inception in 1929, CAMECA has been renowned for its precision mechanics, optics and electronics.

Coherent Scientific specialises in the marketing, sale, importation, commissioning and support of lasers, atomic force microscopes, nanoinstruments and other optics related equipment. We are the local distributor for highly reputable companies such as Andor, Bruker, Coherent Inc, EDAX, TMC and WPI. Coherent Scientific has supported its customers for over 30 years, and with highly experienced sales, service and administration staff throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Evident Life Science empowers scientists and researchers through collaboration and cutting-edge life science solutions. Dedicated to meeting the challenges and supporting the evolving needs of its customers, Evident Life Science advances a comprehensive range of microscopes for pathology, hematology, IVF, and other clinical applications as well as for research and education.


With more than 60 years of innovation and leadership, FEI enables customers to accelerate breakthrough discoveries, increase productivity, and ultimately change the world.

Founded by Trevor Hinwood, a science/histotechnology expert with 50+ years experience in the field.


The Hitachi High-Tech Group has developed a global business around the four segments of Science & Medical Systems, Electronic Device Systems, Industrial Systems and Advanced Industrial Products.

We were established in 1965 and provide both sales and service support throughout Australia and New Zealand, in electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) electron beam lithography.

Lastek is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for:
· Abberior Instruments STED Superresolution systems and MINFLUX Nanoscopy
· Miltenyi BioTec/LaVision BioTec Light Sheet Microscopes and laser for 2-Photon Microscopy
· LifeCanvas Tissue Clearing/ Labelling
· NanoSurface Cell Culture/ Biomimetic Technology

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments for life science, industry, and medical applications. Founded as a family business in the nineteenth century, the company’s history was marked by unparalleled innovation through its historically close cooperation with the scientific community. Leica Microsystems’ tradition of innovation draws on users’ ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements.

We empower science and innovation by making microscopes accessible to all researchers. Visit our website for free online tools, training and more.


Nanospec Pty Ltd supplies and supports a range of advanced analytical and imaging solutions for science and industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

NTS are committed to providing sophisticated and contemporary solutions for Electron and Scanning Probe Microscopy, distinctive sample preparation, vacuum chamber decontamination with plasma, vibration isolation and electrospinning to meet research challenges in physical and life sciences laboratories in Australia and New Zealand. Their competitive prices, exceptional customer service and distribution agreements with global brands manufacturing innovative instrumentation enable them to offer complete solutions in high resolution microscopy.

We specialise in the importation, installation and service of scientific research equipment, primarily in the fields of lasers, optics, electron microscopes and surface metrology.

ProSciTech Pty Ltd was founded in 1979 and is a well established supplier to science, medical and technology organisations in Australia and New Zealand and globally.

RHK Technology is the leader in cryogen-free low-temperature SPM and universal SPM controllers. The award winning PanScan Freedom is the world’s first cryogen-free UHV LT-SPM system with proven performance and exceptional results. Recently installed at UNSW Australia. The revolutionary R9plus SPM Controller is engineered for the most advanced applications yet easily operated by new users.
Represented in Australia by Stanton Scientific.
Phone: 0404466867

Scientex is an independent distributor for a range of Science Instruments and has marketed these in Australia and New Zealand since 1994. The Instruments suit a range of application areas for R&D associated with Materials, Life and Chemicals Sciences. The Delong Low Voltage TEM’s are well positioned for members of the AMMS and encourage the exploration of the LVEM 5 and LVEM 25 models. These are well suited to adding capacity to existing installations. R&D and Diagnostic labs can benefit from having in-house installations rather than reliance on offsite limited access.

Scitek is your expert for a wide range of electron microscopy and microanalysis solutions including Gatan, ScientaOmicron, Physical Electronics are many more. As a vacuum technology expert, we can assist with many peripheral tools including leak detection, residual gas analysis, vacuum pump service and more. To assist Gatan users we offer onshore expert scientific application support.

Tousimis was founded in 1962 and has designed and manufactured advanced CPD systems for MEMS and other CPD applications since 1972. Our CPD process enables reproducibly eliminate surface tensions forces and preserve delicate Micro-Structures in the process. We are based in the USA and provide global sales and service support.

Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments and components serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence and industry. We specialise in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Photonics, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring and Thin Film technologies. We have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. An awareness of current and future innovations and our knowledge of products and their potential applications, means we can source and tailor instrument solutions for your needs.

Choose the ideal solution from our Zeiss light, confocal, electron and X-ray microscopes. Our highly skilled specialists support your work and make sure you get the most out of your investment.



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