We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Light Microscopy Australia Image Competition.

We had 116 eligible entries across the four categories and with so many beautiful images this year, it was very competitive.

Each category will award a $400 first prize and a $200 second prize. We would like to thank the sponsors of each category, Optiscan, Zeiss Australia and Nikon for their support of the competition.

Please follow the links below to see this years winners.

Live Cell Category Winners
Life Science Category Winners
In Vivo Category Winners


Proudly sponsored by Zeiss





1ST PRIZE: Mohammed Jameel – Swinburne University

C6-NDI Phase Transition Behaviour Under Hot-stage Polarised Optical Microscopy – These images and the video were taken by Mohammed Jameel as part of research project looking at the phase transition behaviour under hot-stage (Linkam) polarised optical microscope (Nikon ECLIPSE Ci) [HS-POM] of different types of organic semiconductors:
This first image is representing C6-NDI phase transition behaviour under HS-POM at high temperature clearly showing the oily droplet of nematic liquid crystals.

2ND PRIZE: Yuan Gao, University of Queensland

Pickering Emulsion Droplet – This image was captured with Zeiss 710 confocal LSM, which showed Pickering emulsion droplets that stabilized with a protein-based surfactant in combination with nanoparticles. The red fluorescence comes from the loaded oil-soluble dye DiI that dispersed in the oil core, and the green fluorescence comes from YFP that encapsulated in the cage-like nanoparticles.

DISTINCTION: Muhammad Awais Javed – Swinburne University

Mild Steel Microstructure Showing Grains and Grain Boundaries – This image is captured with a 3D optical microscope which shows the microstructure of mild steel (1010 grade) after chemical etching. The microstructure consists of ferrite phase grains (orange colour) and grain boundaries (green & blue colour).

DISTINCTION: Khatereh Edalati – University of Melbourne

A Memorial Frame – The image is taken by Optical Leica Stereo Microscope which illustrates two Gold-Active Braze Alloy (Au-ABA) droplets on the laser micromachined diamond frame after brazing process at 1100 °C.



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