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1ST PRIZE: Adam Vogrin, RMIT

Red silky oak flower bud (Grevillea banksii). Red silky oak (Grevillea banksii) whole flower bud. Multiphoton microscopy image using natural autofluorescence. 2×1 image stitch of z-stack maximum intensity projections.


2ND PRIZE: Julie Moreau, BDI Monash University

A developing mouse kidney. Culture of embryonic kidney at E12.5 imaged on a spinning Disk for 24h. Zoom in of a nephrogenic niche where all the cells express Tomato at their membrane (gray) and some nephron progenitors express GFP (magenta). We can see the nephron progenitors  moving around the Ureteric tip (organised epithelial structure).


DISTINCTION: Ryan Brown, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Never swim when lightning strikes. The tail and fin of a 21-day old zebrafish imaged on the Zeiss Elyra 780 Confocal microscope showing the arteries and veins in gold alongside the lymphatics in cyan. The positioning function was used in to capture various points along the tail and stitching was done in FIJI and Adobe illustrator to generate the final image. Imaging fish at this age and size requires precise mounting to minimize large variations in z-position and to allow prolonged survival of the larval fish while sedated as imaging large portions of the trunk can take hours.



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