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1ST PRIZE: Michael Murrey, University of Western Australia

Macrophage Matrix Degradation. Timelapse imaging of mouse bone marrow macrophages (& a handful of fibroblasts) expressing Lifeact GFP, cultured on Cy-3 Labelled gelatin. Lifeact Gfp is cyan, Cy3 labelled gelatin is Magenta and DIC imaging is grey.


2ND PRIZE: Hongbin Jin, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute

Development of Zebrafish monozygotic twins embryo. Monozygotic twin embryo in Zebrafish, induced by ENU mutagenesis, exhibited two distinct groups of blastomeres on a single embryonic yolk, whereas in a wild-type normal Zebrafish embryo, there should typically be only one group of blastomeres. These twin blastomeres underwent cell cleavage and epiboly independently, ultimately forming conjoined twins. The observation was made under the bright-field of Nikon microscope from 8-cell stage to bud stage for 12 hours without any staining.


DISTINCTION: Zahied Johan, Centre for Cancer Biology, SA Pathology and University of South Australia

Focal adhesion dynamic. A time-lapse of fibroblasts moving on collagen matrix. Mouse dermal fibroblasts were transfected with Paxillin-eGFP plasmids and the cells were imaged for 2 hours using Leica SP8 at 63x objective.



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