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1ST PLACE: Edward Buckley, Centre for Cancer Biology, University of South Australia

Caught Red-Handed. Co-culture of mouse M1-bone marrow-derived macrophage (red, probed for F4/80) and PyMT cell line (green, probed for CK8/CK14) to detect macrophage-mediated cancer cell phagocytosis. Cells on coverslips were saponin permeabilised and FBS blocked


2ND PRIZE: Esther Miriiklis, Monash University

Components of stem cell nuclei. A 2D section through the centre of two human pluripotent stem cell nuclei. Nuclear DNA (sepia/brown) is evenly distributed throughout the nucleus, whereas Lamin B1 (magenta) is restricted to the nuclear periphery and provides structural integrity to the nucleus. DNA was labelled with EdU for 24 hrs before covalently attaching Alexa Fluor 532 via an alkyne-azide click reaction. Lamin B1 was immunolabelled with Alexa Fluor 647. The image was captured via sequential dSTORM on a bespoke single molecule microscope setup built around an Olympus IX81 and rendered in rapidSTORM with a final pixel size of 20 nm.


DISTINCTION: Stacey Keenan, The University of Melbourne

Smiling cell-fie. Super resolution Airyscan image depicting a “smiling” isolated primary hepatocyte, examining the mitochondria lipid droplet interaction. Cells were stained with Mitotracker (purple), Bodipy (cyan) and DAPI (grey) to visualise mitochondria, lipid droplets, and nucleus, respectively.



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