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1ST PRIZE: Richard Harwood, Sydney University

Banksia spinulosa. A CT scan of a Banksia spinulosa flower. This native flower was taken from Sydney University and is part of a project documenting native flowers with rich indigenous history.


2ND PRIZE: Maria Daglas, The University of Melbourne

Snakes and Ladders. This video shows the close relationship of lymphatic vessels (light blue) with blood vessels (red) in a subregion of the mouse lower urinary tract. A dense blood capillary network can be seen underneath the large lymphatic vessels laying on the surface. The optically-cleared tissue sample was fluorescently labelled with Lyve1 to stain lymphatics or CD31/podocalyxin to stain blood vessels.


2ND PRIZE: Gerry Shami, The University of Sydney

Exploring the giant world of mitochondria in human hepatocytes. 3-D rendering of four hepatic parenchymal cells reconstructed from 400 serial sections using array tomography from a patient diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Within the cells, >25,000 structures were manually segmented, these include: the entire chondriome (mitochondrial population) (multi-coloured), lipid droplets (yellow) and nuclei (white).


DISTINCTION: James Cremasco, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Villi of Murine Ilium. This sample is a murine ilium explant. In this image, the villi express a GFP reporter for E-cadherin (green), with the lamina propria revealed by second harmonic generation (blue). Propidium iodide spots (red) are also interspersed in the crypts of the villi, as well as bellow the lamina propria.

Briefly, ilium explants were surgically removed from mice, and incubated in 1mg/ml PI for 5 minutes before imaging by 2-photon microscopy. The ilium explants were incubated in 1mg/ml scopolamine from resection to imaging to abrogate residual peristaltic contractions, to allow for the acquisition of these 3D volumes.



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