Optiscan LMA Image Competition Winners Announced

5th December 2017


With over 50 fantastic images submitted to the Optiscan LMA Image Competition, the selection panel were unable to separate 2 wonderful entries. The 2017 joint winners of the image competition are;

Joint First Place

Arthur Chien, Microscopy Unit, MQ

Title: Moment in the Brain.

Description: Microglia and neurons cells in the hippocampus. Image was captured using a confocal microscope. The varying colours reflect the cells at different position within the brain.


Joint First Place

Vinod Sundaramoorthy, CSIRO, ANHL, Geelong

Title: Microfluidic in vitro model for synaptically connected human neurons.

Description: Induced pluripotent stem cell derived human neurons were cultured and differentiated for 24 days in a microfluidic chamber, where the two panels containing the neuronal cell bodies were separated by 150 𝛍m long micro-channels in the centre. These micro-channels only allow the neuronal axons to pass through them and synaptically connect the human neuronal networks on both sides of the micro-channels. This is a maximum intensity projection of a stitched tile image taken with a 20x objective (Z-stack – 39 slices, 39.9 𝛍m and 21 tiles (2.04 mm x 892.84 𝛍m). In the image the neurons are stained with MAP2 (green) a mature neuron marker and tubulin (violet).


Movie Award Winning Entry

Brittney Harrington, Mater Research Institute, University of Queensland

Title: A pH-activated antibody label to track receptor internalisation and trafficking.

Description: Hypothesis: cellular receptor CDCP1 is internalised by a monoclonal antibody (mAb) causing trafficking to lysosomes for degradation. Live cell imaging with spinning disc confocal (SDC) microscopy allowed the speed and resolution to track the internalisation of GFP-tagged CDCP1 and trafficking of the mAb-CDCP1 complex. A pH-activated fluorescent dye labelled the mAb for visualization of internalisation and trafficking of the complex to low pH endosomes & lysosomes for degradation.




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