We are pleased to announce the winners of the LMA/VIA 2021 Image Competition.

This resulted in over 160 submissions across the si x categories Live Cell Imaging, Life Sciences, In Vivo Imaging, Materials Sciences, Super Resolution and Volume Imaging).

Each category awards a $400 first prize and a $200 second prize. We would like to thank the sponsors of each category, New Spec, Zeiss Australia, OptiScan , John Morris Group and Nikon Australia for their support of the competition.

Please follow the links below to see this years winners.

Live Cell Category Winners
Life Science Category Winners
In Vivo Category Winners
Super Resolution Category Winners
Volume Imaging Category Winners


Proudly Sponsored by John Morris


Monika Wyszomirska – BlueScope Australian Steel Products

Interference Fringes in Thin Films Image of the interference fringes in the domains of a thin film dried on a glass substrate was captured with ZEISS Axio Observer Inverted Microscope in Bright Field mode Due to the strains during drying the film developed a domain structure of various thicknesses visible on the images as
rainbow coloured broad bands An additional effect within each domain is also observed, where local delamination from the surface resulted in an additional medium of light reflection air and allowed for the visibility of constructive/destructive interference fringes



Jamie Riches – Queensland University of Technology

If I Had A Nickel The image shows a Ni foam electrode that has been modified with a trimetallic oxide FeCoNiOx through a surface confined electrochemical deposition approach to prepare a catalyst that is suitable for water electrolysis The image has been taken on a Leica M 125 research stereomicroscope



Les Moore – BlueScope Australian Steel Products

Steel’s Achilles Heel Micrograph shows liquid metal embrittlement ( of a steel plate tank that contained molten lead ..(The molten lead allows a rapid quench of other steel products to achieve the required properties) In this failure, high residual levels of Sb in the lead have caused Sb rich liquid to form which penetrated down the grains in the steel plate and cause the LME Image is approximately 500 µm square and is a RGB encoded elemental triplet map where Sb is mapped onto red, Cu onto green and Pb onto blue





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